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"The Blue" Natural Gelato.

The coloring that so many kids like comes from the natural pigment of Spirulina.

Spirulina algae is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals making Spiruli Gelato healthy for children and adults alike.


What is Spirulina?




The Arthrospira platensis or Spirulina platensis is an edible micro-algae that live in salt lakes with hot, alkaline water. Used since ancient times by Aztecs and African populations as a food and stimulating energy supplement.


Aztec warriors considered Spirulina as the secret of their strength: the "food of the gods" and source of energy.


In 1974 it was approved by the UN World Food Conference as a "food of the future", for it's natural digestibility and the presence of nutrients not easily found in other sources in nature.

Nutritional values and benefits

Spirulina has a high protein content (from 50% to 70%) and includes all eight essential amino acids. It's also rich in plant pigments (beta-carotene, xanthophylls, zeaxanthin, phycocyanin) and vitamins (A, E, B, C), useful for their anti-oxidants and immunity boosters, as well as benefiting the vascular and collagen production.

The most important carbohydrate is glucose, a source of energy, helped by rhamnose, which facilitates absorption. It also contains a polysaccharide called "immunolina", which the name suggests is an immuno-stimulants. The lack of cellulose makes it rather easy to digest.