How to recognize a Good Italian Gelato??

So you are planning a trip to Italy for next spring or summer ?? This is brilliant is a beautiful country with a lot to see, to do and of course to EAT!! Surely during your journey, you will be tempted with a lot of a different kind of food and surely you will try our famous Gelato. But unfortunately, not all the gelato are good someplace are really only tourists traps. So how to have the best Gelato experience in the country where Gelato is born?? There is a couple of rules that any Gelato lover must know.

1. Look at the colours it has to be most natural possible too bright colours is never a good sign. To be able to understand if we are faced with a "colourful" Gelato, it is enough to compare the colour of the cream with that of the fruit from which it should come: mint Gelato like green apple should not be green but white as the essential oil mint is colourless and the pulp of apples (yellow, red or green) is white! The same reasoning goes for pistachio Gelato: pistachios in nature are dark green / brownish so the resulting ice cream should not be phosphorescent green or brown.

2. Attention to the presentation of Gelato in the refrigerated counter. If the Gelato rise from the trays to reach sidereal heights, it may contain too many additives or worst Hydrogenated fats that help it to hold itself up, otherwise, the part that bursts from the cold blade of display case will melt in a few minutes. I know is really attractive to see this kind of display but you have to know is not a good quality product... as one Gelato Chef say once you have to eat it not to go on a fashion show with !!

Obviously, the same test can be done once we have Gelato on the cone: a good Gelato, inevitably tends to melt once out of the freezer, so we are wary of Gelato that is perfect despite the heat (even if it more comfortable to eat).

3. Beware of ice. Pay attention to the presence of ice flakes in Gelato: it indicates a bad process of freezing or storage.

4. There is no artisan Gelato without sugar. Sugar has an anti-freezing power so, in the preparation of Gelato, you can not do without it otherwise, once subjected to very low temperatures, it would turn into a piece of ice and not a soft cream. It is possible to find Gelato produced with sugars other than sucrose (with lower glycemic index and less sweetening power) but never completely free of sugars.

5.Gelato is made fresh every day, so is quite normal at the end of the day that some flavours are finished this means that the place don't store a big quantity of Gelato but just the right amount to cover the day.

Last but not least if you have any question ask !! The staff of a good gelato place is more than happy to explain their product, a good Gelato Place is proud of his Gelato and to give you free tastes 😉 😉!!!

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