Our Vision

We firmly believe that healthy and balanced diet is essential, especially for children and growing teenagers.

We want to create a place where parents and grandparents can take children without guilt and enjoy a Gelato without compromise between healthy and tasty.


In Italy, we have a huge tradition of Gelato making and some of the best Gelato place in the world.

We grew up eating Gelato and our dream is to bring a little bit of Real Italian Taste to Cork.

At the same time, we love and deeply respect Ireland and the amazing food products that can provide us, this makes our Gelato even better. 


We use only Irish Organic Milk, Real Fruit, Belgian Chocolate, the best Italian Piemonte IGP Hazelnut and Italian Pistacchio 100% Pure Paste.

All our ingredients are carefully chosen to give to our customers the best experience possible.


All our product are made without Palm Oil, Artificial Flavouring and Colourants and Transgenic Fat, all proven to be dangerous for human health.


Our Gelato is made fresh every day at Casanova Gelato, 13 George's Quay, Cork.

All production phases are followed with great rigour and respect for the Italian tradition of good Gelato.


We want everyone to enjoy Casanova Gelato, so we have perfected a special range suitable for Vegan and those with Dairy intolerances.

All our Gelato is suitable for Vegetarian no gelatin is used.


Casanova Gelato
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