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Andrea Bonato

Casanova Gelato Founder

Gelato Chef

Unofficial Role: Handy man

Fav Gelato: Chilli Chocolate

Fav Food: Pasta... of Course!!

Fav Season: Summer

Fav Movie: A Few Good Men

Fav Book: Crime and Punishment

Like: Staying on the sofa with my doggies.... drinking a good glass of Whiskey.

Dislike: Discussions

Barbara Bonato

Casanova Gelato Founder

Pastry Chef

All things creative

Fav Gelato: Rocher

Fav Food: Scampi

Fav Season: Winter

Fav Movie: Braveheart

Fav Book: Harry Potter

Like: Staying on the sofa with my doggies on a rainy day.

Dislike: Spiders

Our Story

Once upon a time, a 12-year-old little girl had just spent two weeks in a wonderful land called Ireland. She fell so deeply in love with the beautiful country that two weeks then became almost two months. Then, when she finally arrived back home she promised herself that she would one day return to Ireland to live there.

Many years passed and she met a young man who was also in love with the beautiful green island but with the dream of opening a Gelato parlour.

The young man and woman then pooled their knowledge and experiences together and made the decision to live out their dreams.

We are Andrea and Barbara, and this is our story…

Since the very beginning, we decided we would do things right. Neither of us came from a family of Gelato makers so it was necessary to learn everything ourselves, this involved returning to school in order to get a professional degree.

Andrea attended a Gelato institute and studied for a number of years. We both worked together in a number of highly regarded Gelato Parlours in Italy for Several seasons. During that period we also attended courses in Confectionary and various other Gelato techniques.

From the very beginning, we knew that our Gelato had to be different, of course, it had to taste great, but we wanted it to also be healthy. This meant we would not use any artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings or stabilisers we would also never use palm oil for the benefit of the planet and our health. There would be no neon brightly coloured Gelato as we only use the colours that nature offers to us.

The Gelato is made with real fruits, real hazelnuts and pistachios there is only local organic milk within our Gelato, (and let’s face it, Ireland’s milk would make any Gelato taste very yummy!) another important factor to our product is that we wanted a Gelato that everyone may enjoy so we specialise in Vegan and Lactose free Gelato, while still remaining completely natural.

Another important choice was choosing our partner for our Gelato and we knew that Galatea is the ideal partner for our project with its also organic, ethical and vegan lines, it was exactly what we were looking for to help us create great Gelato.

Now we have all the knowledge, a big project and a new country waiting for us, what else are we missing… The exact right place of course!! We then started our *hard*mission of travelling around this island with such beautiful places to visit and trying to decide where we were going to lay down our roots.

But then, we encountered County Cork, once we saw the cities vibrant soul, perfect size, full of colour and having a real love for food! We knew we found the perfect place.
So to us, Cork is the real Capital.

So this is our story and the rest is to be discovered and tested by you! at 13 Georges Quay.

Casanova Gelato
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