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Welcome to Casanova Gelato Limited.


We are delighted to have you on our team and we want you to gain the most from being with us.


We care about your career and development because you are our employee. The success of any business depends largely on management and employees working together and so we welcome your contribution and we shall continue to contribute ours.


At Casanova Gelato, our key goals for staff are to be professional, friendly (to customers and each to others) and to enjoy their work. 


If at any time you feel that you have something to say about the way things are done or are unhappy with anything, please speak freely with the management. 


We consider ourselves to be an organization that is continually learning and striving to improve and you are an integral part of this process. You have a voice, let it be heard.


At all times, it will be to remember why we are in business and that reason is to make a profit.

All staff should be aware of this fact and encouraged to increase the efficiency of the business.


However, we do not measure our success purely based on financial aspects.

We believe that a business is not a success without happy staff and happy customers – and that this should be maintained as an ongoing goal of the business.




Casanova Gelato ltd is founded in 2016 and opened the shop in August 2016.

From the beginning, we decided we would do things properly. Neither of us came from a family of Gelato makers so it was necessary to learn everything ourselves and this involved returning to school.

Andrea attended a Gelato school and we worked together in a number of highly regarded Gelato parlours in Italy for several seasons. During that period we also attended courses in confectionery and Gelato techniques.

From the beginning, we decided our Gelato had to be different, of course, it had to taste great but we also wanted it to be healthy.

That meant we don’t use artificial colours, flavourings or Trans Fats.

No palm oil, for the planet and for our health.

No brightly coloured Gelato but only the colours that nature may offer us.

Gelato is made with real organic milk, (let's face it, the Irish milk makes any Gelato very yummy) fruit and real hazelnuts and pistachios

We also wanted a Gelato that everyone could eat, so we specialize in vegan and lactose-free Gelato.

Right from the start, we chose an Italian company for its organic, ethical and vegan lines, it was exactly what we were looking for to help us make great Gelato.

So we have all the knowledge, a big project and a new country waiting for us. What else is missing???? The right place of course!!!

So we start the “hard” mission … Travelling around this island visiting lots of beautiful places to decide where to put down roots… 

Then we encounter Cork and the decision is very fast and easy. 

Not too big, but not too small with a vibrant soul, full of colour and with a real love for food…




*Our Product


Gelato has long been known as the Italian word for ice cream, but what you may don’t know is there are actually many differences between the two.

Ice creams are generally heavy on the cream and have a fat content of at least 10% (which can be considerably higher in most homemade and many premium versions).

Gelato uses more milk than cream, so it doesn't have nearly as much fat.

Ice creams are churned quickly to whip in plenty of air (called overrun) which is helped by the high proportion of cream in the base. Most luxury ice creams have an overrun of around 40% which means they've increased the mix in volume by 40%. Cheaper commercial versions can run from 70% to over 100%, which gives them a light, thin, fast-melting texture with less flavour as in reality you are eating mostly air!


Gelato is churned at a much slower speed, which introduces less air into the base. So, you get more pleasure per mouthful with Gelato!

All these differences give Gelato a dense, milky texture that's less creamy than the fat-heavy ice creams.

Gelato has a more intense flavour than ice cream since it has less fat that coats the tongue and gets in the way of tasting things. Gelato's flavours come through directly and quickly then melt away, leaving a clean mouth.

Our products* the message we want to give to customers:


  • All the Gelato is made fresh in-store every day

  • We are Artisan, no reseller

  • Our Gelato is made with fresh Organic Irish milk and Cream

  • Our Gelato Sorbet is made with real fruit fresh or frozen depending on the season, water and sugars

  • We don’t use artificial colours or flavours

  • Our Gelato doesn’t have Palm Oil

  • Gelato has less fat than ice cream

  • We use only high-quality ingredients like Belgian Chocolate, Italian Pistacchio and Hazelnut

  • Our Gelato is made fresh not stored for months

  • We use organic and fare-trade ingredients

  • You are selling a high-quality product to be proud of that and explain it to Customers 




We Provide every staff member with a clean apron and one personal hat.

It’s better to avoid:

  • Nail polish

  • Long nail

  • Artificial nails are not permitted

  • Rings

  • Heavy make up

  • Lose hair

  • Strong perfume

  • Hight heels

  • Long careless beard

  • Shorts

  • Sleeveless t-shirt

  • Too many piercings or too showy

  • Showy or big jewellery 


You can wear

  • Jeans or dark long trousers

  • Black leggings 

  • Black t-shirt (long or short sleeves) 

  • Comfortable non-slip shoes 

What we expect from you. During your shift


When you begin your shift, check staff and customers' toilets.

Fill if needed with paper and napkins.

Clean and wash the bathrooms if needed. Sign the board

Before you start your shift, wash your hands and check that all your clothes, hair are in decent condition

Welcome all the customers with a smile and warm welcome

Explain to customers our product (see section Our Product)

Maintain Gelato trays in clean and decent condition

If one Gelato tray is full for 1/4 notify the kitchen for the next substitution

Change frequently the water in the scooper bowl and clean the scooper

Check that Tables are all wiped & Clean (not applicable at present)

Check that all outside benches are clean

Check cones and cups and notify when you take the last box from the storeroom, writing on the whiteboard

Keep the worktop clean

Wash with a sponge everything before putting it in the dishwasher

Update the storage board when you take the last box or package of something

Clean Fridge Doors

Clean the dishwasher door

Clean marks off of the windows

Clean the doors press

Wear gloves any time you have to touch food 

Sanitize your hands frequently 

Clean the Gelato display glass

Clean inside the drawers


Information about serving Gelato and other product:


  • Wash your hands often

  • If you have to touch, manage food directly (fruit, cone, pastry, cake, cookies etc) use tongs or disposable gloves or napkins never touch food directly with your hands

  • Dark Blue Gelato scooper is used for all the cups and cones.

  • Red Gelato scooper is used for waffles, affogato, frozen hot chocolate, sundaes and if you have to add 1 extra scoop to something.

  • Red Gelato scooper is also used for takeaway boxes.

  • Black small scooper is used for Milkshake need 3 scoops for any milkshake

  • Black small scooper is also used for the Baby scoop and Gelato Sandwich.   

  • We only do 1 scoop 1 flavour, except for small kids, for them we use 2 black scoopers with 2 different flavours. Use 1 scoop CUP, or1 Scoop cone if the previous two are finished 

  • We don’t have skinny Milk

  • Orders of all the things that involve options and choices HAVE TO BE MADE AT THE TILL DON’T TRY TO MEMORIZE

  • When the shop is busy all the staff has to maintain a calm and professional attitude, no mess is tolerated, so the Gelato display and the Gelato itself has to be in decent condition. 

  • All the shop has to be maintained clean in any situation so try to don’t bulking dishes in the sink, leaving dirt or clutter the worktop. 

  • If you make Gelato sundaes or milkshakes or other, clean just finished and then continue to serve.

  • Only one person at a time at the coffee machine especially if the shop is busy with customers waiting for Gelato. If you receive a coffee order and someone else is already using the coffee machine pass the order to him/her

  • If you are in trouble call one of the managers for help, don’t be afraid to ask for help

  • If you don’t remember or you don’t know how to do something DO NOT IMPROVISE but ask for help.

  • If a customer made a request and you are not sure how to answer ask one of the owners.

  • If you do something like a coffee cappuccino or a sundae and there is something obviously wrong with it don’t serve it and make another or ask for advice.

Special Covid Mesures

Please notice all the covid special measures are Mandatory and  considered of the utmost importance

  • You need to sanitize the pos screen and all the surfaces touched by customers regularly

  • You need to wear the provided face mask during your entire shift.

  • If you feel unwell or if you have any Covid Syntoms please stay at home and call us as soon as you can.



  • Do not use a mobile phone.

  • Do not eat or drink in front of customers 

  • If you have problems or you can’t work your shift please notify me as soon as possible

  • The timing and approval of all holiday entitlements have to be agreed with management in line with customer requirements and work schedules.

  • If you feel sick or you have one or more of these symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or fever advised us promptly. Handle food with these symptoms is very dangerous.

  • Be kind and gentle to each other and with customers.

  • If one of the managers notice you that you are doing something wrong never argue in front of customers. If you have to ask for explanations do it later without the presence of customers.





Important Notes

  1. The vegan and lactose-free Gelatos/sorbets are prepared in the kitchen at the beginning of the production, to ensure that there is minimal cross-contamination. 

  2. The allergens for the Gelato’ is on the back of the tags and should be paid attention too. E.g. cookies and cream contain eggs or coffee has caffeine, not allergens but is good to don’t serve to children or at least to aware the parents.

  3. All of our Gelato is sourced from natural ingredients there are NO artificial flavours or Colourants, mother nature has provided all we need/ 

  4. All of the Gelato is made in the back each day, in small batches to ensure fresh produce. However, with our small kitchen, there may be an unknown risk of cross-contamination therefore CEOLIACS need to be warned of this risk. If someone asks for gluten-free explain this risk to them and also offer a gluten-free cone for 1.20c extra. 

  5. All of our Gelato is Authentically Italian, the recipes are the same as they are used in Italy which gives us (Casanova) a unique value.



The following are the list of food allergens to be cautiously aware of:


  1. Gluten

  2. Crustaceans (Animal; seafood eg; crab, prawn, lobster)

  3. Eggs

  4. Fish

  5. Peanuts

  6. Soybeans

  7. Milk

  8. Nuts (almond, hazelnut, walnut, cashews, pecan, brazil, pistachio and macadamia)

  9. Celery

  10. Mustard

  11. Sesame ( Seed; can be used for oil and kept whole)

  12. Sulphur dioxide (Chemical, can be used to preserve fruit and other foods) 

  13. Lupin (the plant of peas; normally used in Mediterranean foods, in flour or for protein)

  14. Molluscs (Animal that lives in water or damp places; eg; snail, mussels and octopus)


  • Important, if a customer gives ANY hint that they or their friend/child/partner has any allergy, YOU MUST state that Casanova provides produce from a small kitchen, and we do take as many necessary measures to ensure that produce is largely free from said allergy HOWEVER since our kitchen is small there will always be a chance of cross-contamination. 

    • “This flavour is made without gluten however we do have a small kitchen so there may be a chance of cross-contamination” 


  • Sometimes when customers know this they proceed to order the Gelato anyway, especially if  they are intolerant and not allergic, this is fine as long as you have warned them,

  • IMPORTANT; when you give the allergy warning, really try and make sure that another member of staff bears witness. If you are alone and the subject of allergies comes up to say 

    • “ one moment please while I ask my manager” 

When you are serving a customer that is intolerant we follow this procedure.

  1. Take a clean spatula and cut a slice of “ clean” Gelato and move it on aside. This assures that we are taking an untouched piece of Gelato.

  2. Take the scooper and wash it under the steamer of the coffee machine.

  3. Take some blue paper and use ti for dry the scooper

  4. Take a Gelato scoop as usual.

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