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English Market - Unit 9 - CORK

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Organic Coffee



Vegan Dessert

Our Gelato

Traditional Gelato


Vegan & Intolerant

Bubble Waffle

Parfait Cake

Old school Italian Gelato made in a variety of delicious flavours

100% Authentic

100% Tasty using Organic Irish Milk, Cream and Sugar.

Made with Purified Water, Fresh Fruit and sugar

Yes... nothing else but Passion 

0% FAT

100% TASTY

Are you Vegan or Dairy Intolerant??

Always dreams of eating a creamy and delicious Gelato ??

Stop dreaming and come and try our rich creamy Vegan Gelato made with Water and Plant base Protein

100% Animal FREE Product

100% Decadent

What is a Bubble Waffle??

It's a special kind of waffle more light and fluffy but crunchy outside with a nice cake taste. Is a traditional Hong Kong street food for over 60 years.

Now is very popular all over the world.

Now you can try it at Casanova Gelato!!

Do you need a cake for a party or maybe for a romantic dinner for two?

Visit our shop and discover something truly different: Parfait Cake which translates to “Perfect” is a dessert that falls halfway between mousse and ice cream, with the consistency of a frozen mousse and the flavour of ice cream. It is much lighter than ice cream and melts on your tongue very quickly, giving the impression you just ate the lightest dessert imaginable.Our Parfait Cake comes in a variety of Flavours and dimensions ... We surely have what you need or if you want you can order something special...

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