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Friday 5th February

Valentine's day

Friday 26th February



05/02/21 from 13:00-19:30

We are Finally Back and ready to celebrate the World Nutella day 

What you will find

  • Special Gelato Flavours

  • New Desserts and Sundae

Red love heart on hearts

St. Valentine's

14/02/21 from 13:00-19:30

What we have in mind...

  • Special Gelato Flavour

  • Sundae for 2

  • Special Gelato Cakes

  • Special Offer

  • Online Contest


Pistacchio Day

26/02/21 from 13:00-19:30

For all the Pistacchio Lovers

What we have in mind..

  • Pistacchio Gelato

  • Vegan Pistacchio Gelato

  • More Pistacchio Gelato

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